Meet Shiloh - Creative Workshop Whiz

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Shiloh! I’m a creative business owner, artist, mother, and foodie!
Shiloh Blondel from Happy Hub Collective creative workshop whiz
How did Happy Hub Collective come about?
In 2016, my career took a significant turn. I had been pursuing a career in the creative arts overseas when I decided to return to Perth to care for a family member undergoing complex medical treatment. I was completely burnt out and overwhelmed. As a caregiver, I had to navigate the complexities of the healthcare system and learn how to provide care for a vulnerable person. It was an emotional and physical rollercoaster, but it led me to discover a deep interest in mental health and wellbeing.
In 2017, I took a sidestep from my creative career and enrolled in a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutrition & Dietetics, and in 2018, I broadened my scope by transferring to an undergraduate in Biomedical Science. Along the way, I began to attend meditation workshops, yoga classes, and courses in art therapy, floristry, pottery, painting, and more.
This became my version of “self-care”. Through my studies and personal healing journey, I've explored the different aspects of health and wellbeing, from bio-psycho-social-spiritual to holistic therapeutic interventions like art therapy and mindfulness-based stress reduction.
Today, I'm thrilled to introduce you to Happy Hub Collective - where my passions
for art and wellbeing meet. My journey to healing through art and science has been an incredible one, and I'm so excited to share it with all of you!
Happy Hub Collective’s mission is to fuel YOU to feel your very best by working from the outside-in. We all need a little reminder to take space to breathe, create, rest and experience. Once our cups are full, only then can we flow from the inside-out to help others.
Happy Hub Collective seeks to create a safe, joyful space to connect, create and share. We don't need to move mountains to create change. It all starts by being here in this moment, using our hands and getting creative!
What do you love about creating and running workshops?
What I absolutely adore about creating and running workshops is the profound sense of connection it fosters. It's a chance to engage with individuals, share my passions, and facilitate those “aha” moments when participants discover new skills or perspectives.
Witnessing their growth and witnessing the bonds that form among participants is genuinely heart-warming. It's a two-way street; I learn just as much from them as they do from me, making each workshop a unique and enriching experience. Running workshops allows me to be a catalyst for personal and collective growth, and that's something I find incredibly rewarding.
What are your favourite things about Christmas?
I love spending time with family, friends, and my community, so the holiday season is all about this. Creating and sharing food is a central aspect and our family’s “love language”! 

I come from a large European family, so food is serious business and over catering is absolutely our problem! Even on those 40-degree Christmas days - the oven is pumping!
My favourite music to play during December is anything from Glen Miller Orchestra to Frank Sinatra. I also believe Christmas music should be playing from the first of November! Oh… and my tree is also going up then! LOL…
As an artist, the holiday season is all about rolling up my sleeves, getting crafty, and making my own unique holiday decor, candles, and cocktails recipes. There's something so delightful about seeing all the handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces hanging up. I’m always like… “Yay! I made that!”.
Do you have any Christmas rituals? 
Over catering… LOL!
What are your looking forward to in 2024?
In 2024, I'm eagerly anticipating a year of growth and giving back. One of my main
aspirations is to expand and further develop my creative business. It's an exciting
opportunity to reach new heights, engage with more people, and make a positive impact through creativity and community engagement.

On a personal note, I'm particularly looking forward to precious family time. One of the most significant moments will be celebrating my daughter's second birthday. Witnessing her growth and development is a source of endless joy and inspiration. It's a reminder of the beauty in life's simplest moments and the importance of cherishing time with loved ones.
What are your favourite pieces from Darling & Domain?
Oooh I love summery dresses, gold jewellery and straw bags!  Click here to see Shiloh's Edit
Join us in store on Wednesday 15th November 6-8pm for a special workshop where Shiloh will guide you to create a beautiful Christmas wreath to take home and enjoy.  Tickets available here

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