Exhibition in store - Lizzie Marinko - Digital Artist

We are excited to host our first in store Exhibition - The Coastal Confetti Collection by local Artist, Lizzie Marinko, founder of Urban Fable scarves.
These large scale canvas artworks celebrate some of our most iconic Australian landscapes and come beautifully framed in oak, ready to hang in your home.  
Lizzie uses all her own photography for inspiration. These images are then redrawn as a multitude of tiny shapes, using a digital pen and tablet, creating an abstract and contemporary form of Impressionism that translates beautifully onto canvas.
Lizzie Marinko Digital Artist Exhibition at Darling and Domain

On the blog we chat to Lizzie about her inspiration and works.

D&D:  Tell us about your background and how you came to be an artist?

LM : I have worked for over 25 years in various design industries. After completing a Landscape Architecture Degree with Honours I moved East to work for a company in Sydney on the National Museum in Canberra - this was a massive two year project that taught me a lot about the design process. While this was an incredible opportunity, full of design potential, I felt the industry itself didn’t really match the creativity of the course so I decided to further my study in Sydney in 3d Computer Modelling and Animation. Through pure serendipity I was offered a very rare role building 3d Computer models and sets in the Art Department for Star Wars. This was a career highlight for me as I was able to work closely with the Creative Director while he conceptualised the forms and finishes for the spacecraft and various sets to be built within the Fox Studios where we were working. Post production in TV and Film followed this and I then moved back to Perth to start my family. 

While busy at home wth 3 daughters, I started to play around with my digital knowledge of Photoshop and Photography and experimented with different digital drawing methods - trying to recreate images and portraits for people of their own families but in a more abstract and impressionistic manner, using a digital pen and tablet on the computer. I felt this made them unique ‘pieces’ as opposed to just printing images directly onto canvas. This is how I ended up here, creating unique digital artworks of landscapes that I have visited and loved, using my own photography as a template. I  trace each image in software using a myriad of tiny vector shapes, creating a mosaic of shapes that all form the final artwork. Some of these designs have taken me around 60 hours to complete.
The Coastal Confetti Collection now showing at Darling and Domain celebrate our extraordinary coastlines across Australia. I am very proud of these pieces. They are all Limited Edition prints and come personally signed and shadow framed in oak. 

D&D:  What inspires you?

LM : With a background in Landscape Architecture, and growing up along the coast in Western Australia,  I have always been drawn to the outdoors and our natural landscapes for design Inspiration.

I am obsessed with our extensive Australian coastline and the incredible light quality that is ever changing from sunrise to sunset. I feel most at home walking along any pathway or track that gives me views of our broad horizons, where the sky meets the ocean, like Cottesloe for example. The ever changing light and view to infinity and beyond is both captivating and uplifting. I will always be happier where this is sunshine and water. So I like to make these my subjects,  and bring them into my home and onto my walls. They are like portals into another world.

D&D:  Tell us about your beautiful Urban Fable scarves?

LM : I have always wanted to have my designs, or artworks as I call them, on a beautiful product that is both obtainable and wearable. Urban Fable has given me the medium to create luxury scarves that feature these artworks.

It's wonderful to see art in a more functional manner as well, that can be enjoyed everywhere you take it, not just on a wall at home. These snippets of my travel are like little souvenirs to give to others so they too can enjoy them.

They are superfine and really fabulous travel companions. I use my Merino Wool and silk blend scarves for in-flight comfort and football games ! The  lightweight cotton linen is trans seasonal and perfect for climates such as Perth or Brisbane. These also offer sun and wind protection in summer.

Lizzie Marinko Exhibition instore

D&D:  What are you favourite finds in Darling & Domain?

LM :  I love the natural fibres of cashmere, wool, silk and cotton.  My favourite labels are Cable Melbourne for coats and knits, Alessandra for cashmere and for a pop of fabulous colour I love POM Amsterdam.

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Lizzie's beautiful artworks are instore until 1st June.  We stock the full range of Urban Fable scarves.  All artworks and scarves can also be purchased online

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