Cape Collection



Great room or car diffusers in four amazing scents!

Champagne + Strawberry + Rose

Love is in the air.

Top notes of raspberry, middle notes of champagne, red rose and strawberry. Base notes of Hyacinth and vanilla.

Lemongrass + Lime + Rosewood

An uplifting fragrance with the perfect balance of fresh lime, lemongrass and rosewood. Top notes of lime zest and lemon peel, middle notes of lemongrass and jasmine, with base notes of vanilla bean and rosewood.

Peony Flower + Jasmine

A perfect balance of fruity and floral. Top notes of peony flower and raspberry. Middle notes of pink lychee with base notes of jasmine and rosewood.

Sandalwood + Amber

This fragrance is one of our favourite scents. A true warming earthy fragrance with top notes of orange zest and lime, middle notes of geranium and red rose, bottom notes of Sandalwood and Amber. A Stunning fragrance.


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