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I always loved natural textures and fibres. Oh and I love my bed! It's the place I go to escape the flurry of life. It is my sanctuary when I need to unplug. So, with this in mind, I started exploring bedding.

I looked at many different fabrics but ultimately linen won me over. Linen is a sustainable crop. It uses fewer fertilisers and four times less water than cotton during cultivation. Also, I was shocked at the highly toxic chemicals that are used in cotton production to strip the leaves from the cotton bushes.

The more I've learnt about nature's wonder fibre and its history the more I've fallen in love with it. When I travelled to meet our makers, I was fascinated to see the spinning and weaving process. I’ve gained such an appreciation for the work that goes into producing even one square metre of fabric.

Linen's texture is so buttery soft but it still has a weight that drapes around you. Its whisper quiet, breathes well and keeps you cool in the summer months yet warm in winter. It has such understated elegance and a beautiful crumpled lived-in look, which I love. It really is an amazing fibre!