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MELIS Natural Perfume Motus 7 (motivate)


Create Greatness…

Find motivation through clarity by harnessing the medicinal powers of Motus No 7. Mastering the art of balance, this complex yet subtly layered scent is rich, alluring and poised. Its woody base notes, subtle spice and elegant florals unify to promote a greater sense of well being.

Featuring: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Palmarosa and Clove from India, Petigrain from Paraguay, Clementine from Africa, Clary Sage from Bulgaria, Oakmoss from Turkey, Bergamot from Italy, Patchouli from Indonesia and Bay from West Indies.

9mL / 0.3 fl.oz
100% Natural • 100% Intentional
Product of Margaret River, Western Australia