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Base Supply | Snack Base


Snack base is lightweight and super durable. It’ll hold up under the pressure of heavy lunches and daily use.


As for spills? Don’t fret. This mini fridge can be easily cleaned with a quick wipe. In other words, go ahead and pack that leftover pumpkin soup for lunch. Even if your container leaks, the water-resistant interior has you covered.


Snack base is perfect for storing:

  • Salad and sandwiches for work or school
  • Fruit and choccies for road trips
  • Picnic essentials like salami and cheese

Snack base nests inside the larger keep cool base, making it ideal for separating your cold items in the supermarket shop.

The details:

  • Made from sturdy matte polypropylene fabric
  • Insulated lining to keep cool things cold
  • Soft 100% cotton handles for easy carrying
  • Zippered top closure
  • Lightweight, durable and wipe clean fabric
  • Water-resistant design
  • Designed to mix and match the rest of the base collection

Dimensions: W25.5cm x H10cm x D19cm