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Finding the perfect gift

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Ever get that feeling of dread when trying to come up with an idea for a gift, especially if that person has everything – and the old saying of “it’s the thought that counts” is running through your head – yeah right!

Let’s take the stress of finding the gift out of the situation.

  1. Set the budget – let’s narrow the focus straight away and gone are those things too cheap or too much
  2. Make a list of anything the person is interested in – doesn’t matter how crazy.
  3. Has the person dropped any hints even innocent ones – can you recall them saying “gee I love so and so” or “this brand is so good”
  4. It might not be a gift they want. Is there an experience they might like e.g. a wine dinner at a local restaurant or a concert – check the ticket agencies websites or upcoming concerts and events, RedBalloon has a vast number of potential ideas.
  5. Still no ideas, check out their social media pages. Have they posted something of interested, go stealth and check out the pages they follow!
  6. Look on gift store websites (like this one!!)
  7. Try googleing “gifts for(insert gender/age/etc)” - This is the break in case of emergency option and only to be used as a second last measure
  8. Buy gift voucher – concede this nut is too hard to crack and at least they’ll get what they want, again if limiting to one shop is cause for another round of panic attacks, go for a shopping centre voucher!

If you do think you’re found that prefect gift but there’s a nagging doubt they won’t like it (or unsure of the size), don’t forget to ask for a “gift receipt” at the time of purchase.

Good luck!